LS Re: Only two more Lila Squad days til X-mas!

Hettinger (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:37:55 +0100

Happy holidays!

Here's a chance for some hands-on research. Consider the question that
keeps popping up in various forms, the most recent by Dave. He said:

"I have a static pattern which is me and you a likewise are static
pattern. Now our static patterns interact though discourse such as this.
Let's say
that because of this both our static patterns change slightly. Is this a
Quality Event? Is it a conversion of Dynamic to Static? Or is it just a
of static patterns? And if so where do we draw the line between a static
quality event and a dynamic qualtiy event?" (Dave Thomas, 12/11/97)

The Lila Squad operates in the social-intellectual area, and it's
pretty close to being one of the the most intellectually-mediated social
patterns that exists. The combination of the listserver being closed
and the holiday routine gives all LS members a chance to drop down from
high intellectual focus to a positive social one.

When we come back, chances are our internal patterns will have reformed.
Chances are, some of this will have felt very much like some type of

Is it? When the "cause" is making ourselves more attuned to
social/biological currents, rituals, and events? (family, emotion,
even dipping into biological/inorganic by going outside and skiing or
sledding or some such quasi-survival activity)

What is the role of static patterns in creating and supporting DQ?
Is a
higher-level pattern really always more moral? Or is it some kind of
or balance between them all that holds the promise of highest morality?

Happy holidays to you all! I'll miss you.


"The most moral activity of all is the creation of space for life to

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