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Dave Thomas (
Tue, 16 Dec 1997 07:16:37 +0100

> (I'd like to keep the uppercase QE in reserve for the really great insights)

That's my reservation also. Flat to Round Earth is a QE, but my broker calling
to say, however true, that bonds are a better investment in the next six
months in N.America is not a QE. Which led me to posit a Static Quality event
which I'm still not ready to abandon.

> Dave. What you write here (and in the rest of the post) is
> terribly important and fundamental to what we are struggling to
> understand. At first it struck me as similar to the solution I
> arrived at after the map/terrain scare, but the next moment it
> seemed subject/object. This I must think deeply over - something
> which requires a long walk. Right now we have a strong sou'western
> with heavy rain, so let it remain suspended for a while.

We are having a couple of days of summer in the winter which draws me outside
to get some physical objective things built which might repair my soul.

My bottom line question about MoQ that I cannot yet resolve yet though I
believe it is of paramount importance to the adoption of MoQ, though I don't
know why, is this? If I die, or all humans die, what does MoQ say about what's
left? Is there anything or is there nothing? In a reponse to my recent post on
quantum theory it was suggested this question in QT context was a Mu or
meaningless question. But for me this is an essential question that any
metaphysics and it is one the SoM has been struggling with forever. Any ideas?


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