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Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:03:48 +0100

Hugo, Gene, Matt, Peter, and TLS,

I just opened my January 1998 issue of Discover. On page 53, there is
an article entitled, "Score One (More) for the Spooks." It describes
the recent University of Geneva, Switzerland experiment by physicist
Nicolas Gisin and team. It shows that 'action at a distance' is real
and says, "In Gisin's experiment, alas, Einstein and common sense were
the losers." Further, "It [action at a distance] had been tested many
times, most notably in 1981 when physicist Alain Aspect from the
University of Paris first dazzled his peers by demonstrating the
phenomenon. But Aspect separated his photons by only a few meters..."
The Gisin experiment separates the photon pair by 10km and showed
thousands of consecutive instantaneous state-change correlations.

The article further suggests that we don't have a measurement problem as
Einstein said, but what we have is a 'reality' problem. Well, TLS knew
that, didn't it (we)? That's what Pirsig has been telling us for 25
years. That's what the MoQ is about! More physicists will now jump out
of the classical determinism rut onto the quantum high road.

The impact of this new reality is beyond imagination. SOM could not
make the cut, here. But MoQ does and can. BIG DEAL!!!

Thought you'd like to know.

Doug Renselle.

" But quantum theory has destroyed the idea that only properties located
in external physical objects have reality."

Robert M. Pirsig, page 14 in his paper "Subjects, Objects, Data and Values," presented at the Einstein Meets Magritte conference, Fall 1995.

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