LS Re: The definition of Quality.

Doug Renselle (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 03:58:05 +0100

Dave Thomas wrote:
> As an architect the dream of eliminating
> the auto
> from our built world makes me want to live to be a million years old
> in the
> hopes that it someday happens. :-)

(I meant to add this to the prior post, but inadvertently left it out.)

Ah, but you speak the SOM, one-life-centric perspective. As a QS
(quantum system) amalgam, you dance the divine dance of Lila: to- and
fro-. Back and forth you dance twixt DQ and SQ (Dynamic Quality and
Static Quality).

I hope this helps us find concord in the great land of MoQ.

> Still Seeking
Me too!
> Dave

" But quantum theory has destroyed the idea that only properties located
in external physical objects have reality."

Robert M. Pirsig, page 14 in his paper "Subjects, Objects, Data and Values," presented at the Einstein Meets Magritte conference, Fall 1995.

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