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Thu, 11 Dec 1997 04:31:24 +0100

Martin Striz wrote:
> A few things on my mind...
> First, Dave you did a great job with that illustration. It
> looks like something that would be found in an illustrated
> book on the MOQ ("The Quality Universe: Theories for a
> Better Understanding of our Times" or something ;-). One
> thing not on the illustration that stood out to me is that
> the line you had representing time would also represent the
> Quality Event. I think you did a good job showing MOQ in a
> fresh perspective, to me at least. I've always been looking
> at it more in the form of the boxed heirarchy Pirsig has in
> ZMM. So thanks!

Yup Dave's diagram is wonderful and will definitely be moved to a more
prominent position on the soon as I think of a good place for
> Second, I'd like to welcome the newcomers. We have a
> graduate student doing PhD work on the MOQ among us, that
> sounds exciting! Also, I just checked and it seems we have
> 25 subscribers now. That's a milestone, wouldn't you say?

Actually we have around 40 subscribers. The rest haven't sent bios. I'll
let you know when we hit 50.

> Third, in regards to the 'statement of principles' we are
> developing and the controversy over a list/FAQ/catechism,
> call it what you will, why doesn't everyone try to submit a
> short essay on what they think the principles of the MOQ
> are? I don't mean a 30-page job like Bodvar's essay,
> something that is a few short paragraphs. And essayette,
> really. This allows us to use the rhetorical method rather
> than a dialectical list, and we retain some of those
> storytelling qualities. What do you say? Yes? No? Dumb
> idea? Let me know.

How about getting everyone to *express* what they understand by the MoQ
as concisely as possible and leave the format up to the individual.
Different people express themselves in different ways. It may be a
bulleted list, Qs and As, a short essay, a graphical presentation or
whatever. The idea would be for each person to create a kind of
"capsule" of Quality, ie the whole theory reduced to its essential
ingredients in an easy to swallow format.

Ultimately I would hope that we can combine all these capsules into a
statement/graphic/list/essay of the basics/principles but that can come
later. The first step is to bring out all the different viewpoints and
see where we're at.


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