LS Re: suggestion

Martin Striz (striz1@MARSHALL.EDU)
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 08:51:52 +0100

>How about getting everyone to *express* what they
understand by the MoQ
>as concisely as possible and leave the format up to the
>Different people express themselves in different ways. It
may be a
>bulleted list, Qs and As, a short essay, a graphical
presentation or
>whatever. The idea would be for each person to create a
kind of
>"capsule" of Quality, ie the whole theory reduced to its
>ingredients in an easy to swallow format.
>Ultimately I would hope that we can combine all these
capsules into a
>statement/graphic/list/essay of the basics/principles but
that can come
>later. The first step is to bring out all the different
viewpoints and
>see where we're at.

Excellent! I already sent my principia in but I may work on
something a little more in depth. Although, I won't touch
on other areas since I don't think they are fundamentals.


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