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Wed, 10 Dec 1997 05:53:06 +0100

* Diana McPartlin
÷ Hi everyone

Hello! I guess this is one person y'all didn't expect to hear from.
I'm now officially back after abandoning all hope of ever catching up
with my unread LilaSquad mail. (Yes, some 300 unread emails were
brutally deleted, to my great relief. :)
÷ In spite of rumblings of discontent, several people (Dave, Martin,
÷ Magnus, Ken, me) have offered up principles of the MoQ and I've put
÷ them altogether on a single page

I think this is a good idea and that it was well done. However, I
think something on the relationship between static and dynamic quality
should be added: that static quality represents a consolidation of
dynamic quality and that these two move forward together. (What Pirsig
talks about on page 170 of Lila, the last page of chapter 11.)
÷ Please join in folks! I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that
÷ fresh perspectives are always welcome.

Well, here's one. :)

"These are, as I began, cumbersome ways / to kill a man. Simpler, direct, 
and much more neat / is to see that he is living somewhere in the middle /
of the twentieth century, and leave him there."     -- Edwin BrockŘlarsga/

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