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Wed, 10 Dec 1997 05:57:03 +0100

Mark and Magnus,
  I have just been re-reading some of your mail which I got on the 8th. At
the risk of displeasing Diana and having this put into gaol I feel
compelled to reply.
  Mark, acceptance of the Quality idea is not a matter of faith. Quality is
simply the growth of the consciousness of humanity through time as prodded
by increased awareness.
  In my lifetime the depression of the thirties taught us humility and
brotherhood, The non-combat slaughter of some fifteen million people during
the forties taught us forbearance and compassion. The complacency of the
fifties and sixties exposed our self indulgence, and the time since then
has exposed our cupidity and indifference to the "others".
  The level of Consciousness and ethics has risen rapidly in the last
seventy years because of what we now understand as the Quality principle
and because of the increase in the level of education and understanding in
the world. It is not faith to be predisposed and prepared for a new level
of ethics in advance of being able to articulate it which is roughly my
understanding of what Pirsig means by Quality and awareness. In my opinion
the discussions of the discontinuities at the subatomic and electron shell
levels is not germaine because the action at the gross atomic level is
entirely predictable. Ken Clark

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