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Martin Striz (striz1@MARSHALL.EDU)
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 09:51:49 +0100

A few things on my mind...

First, Dave you did a great job with that illustration. It
looks like something that would be found in an illustrated
book on the MOQ ("The Quality Universe: Theories for a
Better Understanding of our Times" or something ;-). One
thing not on the illustration that stood out to me is that
the line you had representing time would also represent the
Quality Event. I think you did a good job showing MOQ in a
fresh perspective, to me at least. I've always been looking
at it more in the form of the boxed heirarchy Pirsig has in
ZMM. So thanks!

Second, I'd like to welcome the newcomers. We have a
graduate student doing PhD work on the MOQ among us, that
sounds exciting! Also, I just checked and it seems we have
25 subscribers now. That's a milestone, wouldn't you say?

Third, in regards to the 'statement of principles' we are
developing and the controversy over a list/FAQ/catechism,
call it what you will, why doesn't everyone try to submit a
short essay on what they think the principles of the MOQ
are? I don't mean a 30-page job like Bodvar's essay,
something that is a few short paragraphs. And essayette,
really. This allows us to use the rhetorical method rather
than a dialectical list, and we retain some of those
storytelling qualities. What do you say? Yes? No? Dumb
idea? Let me know.

Many truths to you,

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