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Sun, 7 Dec 1997 07:03:40 +0100

Dear all


One of the stated objectives of the Lila Squad is "to come to some
consensus about what the MoQ says."

At the moment I feel our discussion is not moving towards
consensus-building. Interesting topics are raised, but without direction
it's all just so much hot air. I feel that the LS lacks focus and I have
decided to take a stronger hand in directing the conversation. The aims
of the squad need to be stated, plans for reaching these aims need to be
established and then these plans must be carried out.

NB. This is not negotiable. On the "What is the Lila Squad?" web page I
said: "Our objective is to look more closely at the MoQ and to come to
some consensus about what the MoQ says, how appropriate it is and how we
can use it." If you don't agree with this you should not have joined in
the first place.


1. *Quotes*: Maggie is collecting favorite quotes from the squad, can
everyone take some time to put together a few lines and send them to the

2. *Digital Lila*: Bodvar is writing to Pirsig to ask about copyright,
we are still waiting for a volunteer to coordinate this.

3. *Basics of the MoQ*: I am coordinating this project.


HTML (hypertext mark-up language) is the language used for programming
web sites. Certain email programs allow you to use this in emails. Some
people like it because they can add formating such as bold and italics
to their text. The LS does not allow HTML mail. This is because several
LS members cannot read it and the listserver I'm using often struggles
when processing HTML mail and occasionally crashes. I have already
denied posting privileges to one member for continuing to send it. (That
means he will receive LS messages but his own posts will be rejected.)
You have been warned.


It might be a little early to mention it, but I will be in the UK from
20th Dec to 2nd Jan and I've decided to shut down the LS over this
period. Having a break from the squad will hopefully help us to keep a
fresh perspective on it. Also it would be nice to enmbrace the festive
season without rushing off every five minutes to check our email;-) I'll
give you a few days warning before operations cease.


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