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Here are some quotes I've gleaned while writing my new essay "Quality

“Quality is the primary empirical reality of the world” Lila-pp 67

“ With the identification of static and Dynamic Quality as the
fundamental division of the world....the Metaphysicals of Quality now
covered the spetrucm of experience from primitive mysticism to quantum
mechanics.” Lila-pp 120

“ Dynamic Quality, the source of all things, the pre-intellectural
cutting edge of reality,..” Lila pp 143

“In a value centered Metaphysics of Quality the four sets of static
patterns are not isolated in separate compartments of mind and matter.
Matter is just another name for certain inorganic value patterns.
Biological patterns, social patterns, and intellectual patterns are
supported by this pattern of matter but are independent of it. They have
rules and laws on their own that are not derivable from the rules or
laws of substance.” Lila-pp154

“ All life is a migration of static patterns of quality toward Dynamic
Quality” Lila pp 139

In the piece I'm developing graphics to illustrate the main points. I'm
though most of the easy stuff and I've run across something that maybe
TLS has discussed or knows about that I just became aware of. Here is a
quote from the article that lead me to the insight or misunderstanding.

> For the class, roses, on the inorganic level we could talk to a chemist, knowledgeable about roses, and he could define
> the stable pattern of inorganic elements or values that are present in the broad class: roses. As we move to the biological
> level we could talk to a botanist and gain a similar perspective of that level. But to truly know the complete reality of
> “roses” we would have to talk to every botanist and chemist and search every database in the universe for “roses”. And
> still we would not have the complete reality of roses, for a majority of that data we seek would lie in the realm of static
> social values in which are the archived all historic human values. While scouring that level we will run find ample
> references that say reams about “roses” but then we’d find quotes such as this:
> "The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem
> For that sweet odour which doth in it live."
> Sonnet liv. William Shakespeare
> While this is in the static level of social values that is poetry: Where did this come from? That’s right, the Intellect. So I
> will make this assertion about those elements of reality we call now call “objects” in MoQ all will have aspects of their
> total reality that lies in each of the four static levels.
Is the last line true?



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