LS Re: Request for 3 Pirsig Quotes

Hugo Fjelsted Alroe (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 00:52:48 +0100

Hi Maggie, great idea!

I have only one for now, but thought I would send it to let you know I am
at it :-)

This quote has been used on LS before I think. The text /between/ is
italics in Pirsigs text.

From: LILA, Bantam paperback edition, 1992.

p. 114:
There's a principle in physics that if a thing can't be distinguished from
anything else it doesn't exist. To this the Metaphysics of Quality adds a
second principle: if a thing has no value it isn't distinguished from
anything else. Then, putting the two together, /a thing that has no value
does not exist/. The thing has not created the value. The value has created
the thing.

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