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Bo and Platt,
  I haven't forgotten our conversations. My daughter and her husband and
little three year old grandson came to see me over the holiday
(Thanksgiving, Bo) and, in addition to the pleasure of his company he
brought me a cold. In the process I lost my train of thought. Working on
now. Platt, for Bo's benefit I may need to explain what the Thanksgiving
Holiday celebrates here in the US. In the early days of the settlement
the country the Pilgrims (or Puritans, I'm not sure which) had pushed
Indians off some of their land and had completed a successful summer and
looked to have ample provisions to carry them through the winter. To
celebrate they declared a day of Thanksgiving and relaxed and had a
  Now, to the point of my story. For our Thanksgiving meal I took my
and my daughter's family out to the Restaurant of the Cherokees who were
putting on a big spread for Thanksgiving. Now 'The Restaurant of the
Cherokees' is located on the Cherokee Indian reservation and is wholly
owned and run by Cherokees. I thought it ironic that us white Europeans
were sitting in an Indian restaurant, surrounded by Cherokee Indians
eating a Thanksgiving meal, and not one of them gave us so much as a
look. They have been well assimilated. The Cherokees are fine people,
fact, all Indians that I have come in contact with have been fine
  I'll try to get back into the discussion pretty quick. Ken Clark

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