LS Re: Request for 3 Pirsig Quotes

Martin Striz (striz1@MARSHALL.EDU)
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 06:02:45 +0100

Bodvar, great quotes!

>PS. The Pirsig quotations is a good idea, another thing that I have
>been thinking about is an index - or "concordance", i.e: where to find
>pages (in LILA preferably) where Pirsig treats this and that issue and
>mentions so and so word. Is it possible to make such a one by use of

Do you mean like a search engine for Lila? I have no idea how to make
someone skilled in database management and java scripting could probably
figure it out.

I also have a suggestion, and I take it from when Mark Murdock and I
began corresponding in the spring. He was the first person I ever
about the MOQ with who knew a lot about it, and I may have been the same
him, so we decided to sort of teach each other what we knew. We began
discussing pertinent issues in society and how the MOQ could solve them,
at least lead us in the right direction. Is capital punishment Good?
so, in what situations? How about abortion or euthanasia or adultery?
(Pirsig obviously believes there is value in extramarital affairs so
long as
they don't break up marriages.)

However, I fear we may not be ready for these kinds of discussions yet.
know Mark and I certainly were not ready. :-) I don't think we solved
anything because our views of the MOQ conflicted, and then our bout with
Idealism virtually killed the correspondence. So, we may have to hold
because there are obviously still some conflicts in our interpretations
the MOQ, but it is something we could discuss eventually.


P.S. I always like the line in the last paragraph of Lila that reads
is a noun." That helped put Quality into perspective. Quality is not
adjective, it does not adhere to an object or help it out, it IS the
And it's you and me, too.

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