LS Re: Request for 3 Pirsig Quotes
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 21:01:03 +0100

Greetings Bo and LS

Excellent choices Bo.

Re :
>The Pirsig quotations is a good idea, another thing that I have
>been thinking about is an index - or "concordance", i.e: where to find
>pages (in LILA preferably) where Pirsig treats this and that issue and
>mentions so and so word. Is it possible to make such a one by use of

If we have an electronic version of LILA, thru MS-Word we can create an
by marking the text or passages to be included. It is also possible to
cross-references, create a concordance file to automatically mark text
in a
document, and change or delete existing index entries. If we take the
further we could have a master document containing ZMM and LILA as
multiple documents and build a cross references across both works.


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