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Doug Renselle (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 04:25:06 +0100

Platt and TLS,

Platt's "Simplified FAQ" is the quintessence of MoQ. For me, this is
foundation. For me, this is a FAQ of great utility. It is clean,
simple, and beautiful -- unhindered by the chaos of our wandering in
recent weeks.

Every one of Platt's answers is a meta-statement from which each of us
may garner, via more DQ-intuition and thought, our own more fully
fledged answers to each question.

Further, IMhO, TLS newbies will find great potential and stimulation in
Platt's FAQ.

Thank you Platt. TLS is better that you are with us.


Doug Renselle.


Platt Holden wrote: > > Greetings LS: > > With deep bows to Diana, Bo, Doug, Maggie, Hugo, Magnus and others who > have > contributed to the FAQ and my enlightenment, I would like to offer for > consideration a radically simplified version, vulnerable I fear to the > charge of being simplistic. I've tossed in some additional questions > that > have come up in conversations I've had with non-MoQites. I do not > intend > this to be in any way a substitute for Diana's brilliant work but > rather as > a catalyst for possible further refinement of what she and others have > already done. Perhaps there is an idea or two here of value to the end > result. > > PRIMER ON THE METAPHYSICS OF QUALITY > > What is Metaphysics? > A theory of reality. > > What is the Metaphysics of Quality? > The theory that reality is awareness, the ultimate good. > ... > What is Intellectual Quality? > Patterns of thought. > > Are you saying that patterns of matter are aware? > Yes. > > How can anyone believe that? > If humans are aware, and humans are composed of particles, it follows > that > particles are aware too. > > What is the evidence? > Quantum physics sees particles as events requiring the presence of > awareness. > > What exactly are values? > Whatever is good. > > Who determines what is good? > Each level determines its own good. > > What is the highest good? > Freedom from all static patterns. > > How do you know that? > Freedom is the driving force of evolution. > ... > How is Dynamic Quality expressed in each level? > In the Inorganic level, it's expressed as light, in the Biological > level as > birth, in the Social level as play, in the Intellectual level as art. > > Platt

"That figure whose attitude best expresses the passion that moves it is
most worthy of praise."

Leonardo da Vinci, MS 2038, Biblioteque Nationale, Paris, 29v.

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