LS Re: Simplified FAQ

Magnus Berg (
Mon, 1 Dec 1997 14:38:08 +0100

Hi Platt!

I really like almost every one of your hip shot FAQ answers.
Just let me give my comments on a few. I don't think they'll
surprise you.

> Is Quality purposeful?
> Yes. It's purpose is to be free of all static patterns.

Couldn't you settle with "unconstrained by" instead of "free of". The
"free of" sort of implies that it's independent of static patterns.
Do you really mean that?

> What does the MoQ say about artificial intelligence? Nothing specifically.
> But one can deduce that Al is the attempt of the intellectual pattern to
> recreate or duplicate itself in an inorganic pattern (electronic circuits).

If you put it that way, all AI research becomes futile. At least explain
that there are other views on this issue. I honestly think that new visitors
can be appalled if AI is swept aside so blunt.


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