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I agree that intuition will never replace intellect. But I disagree that
intellect and intuition are at opposite ends of a single pole. Intuition,
the primary empirical experience, is prior to intellect. Intuition is the
same as Quality, the nondual instinctive sense of reality and being.

That's what bothers me about the new holistic, ecological, "quantum,"
paradigms. They are intellectual structures that merely flip-flop good old
reductionism. Instead of a world consisting of parts, the world is pictured
as one big happy "can't we all just get along" harmonious whole. The
element of dog-eat-dog competition within and between levels that Pirsig
colorfully describes gets left out. And once you leave that out, there's no
way to distinguish between an Einstein and a bum.

The nonsense of multiculturism springs from these so-called new paradigms
where everything is relative and nothing is better than anything else.
Pirsig describes all this very well in Chapter 22.

If you want to subsume these paradigms under the MOQ that's fine with me.
But I'm going to make sure they stay subsumed real deep because I think
they are little more than science-inspired intellectual power grabs.

On a personal note, I'm amazed at your breadth of knowledge and depth of
understanding. When I was your age I didn't know a paradigm from a
parachute much less know enough to hold my own in the stratospheric level
of brilliant intellects on this site. Congratulations and keep those
postings coming. I always look forward to your comments.


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