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Platt Holden wrote:

> Welcome Maggie! Your contribution is wonderfully thought-provoking.
> Question: Is "mediation" another word for "causation?" When I
> substitute
> the words cause and causation where you used mediate and mediation,
> they
> seem to fit. Example:
> Original: For instance, in Lev Vygotsky's socio-historical
> perspective, the
> social level has been changed by the mediation of intellectual
> patterns.
> Using cause: For instance, in Leve Vygotsky's socio-historical
> perspective,
> changes in the social level were caused by intellectual patterns.
> I must be missing something in the concept of mediation. But if it
> does
> mean the same as causation, then it can be related to Pirsig's
> "patterns of
> preferences" and Dynamic Quality which he defines as a force for
> transformation and change, always seeking something better.


Even though your substitution seems to work, my gut reaction is that
mediation is NOT the same as "causation". This is a challenge I will
try to address ASAP. It's boiling in my head.

I don't know if I can match your speed on this. This group is
overwhelming. Not that I mind. I've been babbling about MoQ to people
for years. It's wonderful to be surrounded by it.


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