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Gene Kofman (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 05:36:47 +0100

Bo, I agree there is a slight difference between SOM’s Mind and MoQ’s Intellect.
MoQ’s Intellect is aware of DQ events and it is attracted to them. But most of the
time MoQ’s Intellect (at least in my incarnation) still spends as Subject bumping
into Objects. Plus, MoQ’s Intellect is comforted by the vague but constantly present
awareness of where it comes from and by assurance that, if it really tries, it could
get in touch with that source almost >on demand<. Both Subjects and Objects found
their place in the >Quality idea<. We don’t need to argue anymore reality of which
is heavier, more real. Both Subjects and Objects are products of the DQ events. Seeing
them as ‘quality patterns’ unites all structures and underscores DQ as the source
of everything. I’m not very familiar with >New Age theories< but, I think, they postulate
levels >above< - MoQ *explains* them. We don’t need to believe in DQ, we experienced
it, we know it’s real. Pirsig himself says that MoQ ideas have been around for hundreds
of years (take Zen, for example), but only he was able to explain it to our SO trained

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