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Diana McPartlin (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 16:35:28 +0100

Magnus Berg wrote:
> Diana wrote:
> > In SODV he says (p14) that social patterns are " the patterns of culture
> > that the anthropologist and sociologist study". Biological patterns are
> > "senses of touch, sight, hearing and taste."

> I particulary like the latter, maybe I should read SODV a few times more.
> I would rather say that the organic patterns *values* touch, sight, hearing
> and taste, not that they *are* the senses. Do you agree?

The precise quote is:
"In the third box are the biological patterns: senses of touch, sight,
hearing, smell and taste"

The colon implies that the senses are examples of biological patterns.
So I wouldn't necessarily say that biological patterns are limited to
the senses, but I would definitely say that the senses *are* biological
patterns of value. Everything is value and the senses are obviously
biological phenomena so I see no reason why not.


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