LS Definition of Life and Intellect.

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Wed, 24 Sep 1997 02:10:42 +0100

For Magnus:
No, no, I am not the least hurt, it was merely to show how our focus yo-yos
up and down the value scale. My (tasteless) examples (burping at the table,
and worse) were intended to demonstrate the strength of the social "good
manners" value. You also admitted to being subject to ill feelings when
criticized. Precisely! We cannot escape the social values (f.ex. a wariness
of status) as little as we can avoid the other value levels. The examples
were just facetiousness from my side. Please don't lower the energy of your
responses or opinions. You ask me to define the difference between the SOM
mind and the MOQ Intellect. All my entries have been efforts in that
direction and I doubt if the rest of the LS can take more of it? Instead I
would like to mix into the exchange between.

Gene and Magnus
over definition of Life and hesitatingly into the AI field in the hope that
it will clarify the infamous mind/intelligence difference. The MOQ allows
us to speak about AI without coming up against the SOM "consciousness"
barrier. Life on earth started at a very simple level, as far back as 3.5 -
4 billion years - just 500 million years after the formation of earth
itself. It was not anything as complicated as a cell; first the amino acids
and protein building blocks, then the formation of a molecule able to
sustain itself and reproduce. This is why I tend to regard reproduction a
more fundamental quality than metabolism, and may be used as a definition
(of course Gene may say that to sustain itself this molecule had to
metabolize). That places me along with Magnus in the sense that
proliferation may be faked (artificial) and still fill the requirements for
life. I think such offshoots of biological life can appear, and also become
really smart, although not Intellectual in the human sense, once the
consciousness illusion of an awaking (hey I am a computer!) is buried. The
requirements of the artificial (faked) neural network is overwhelming, but
Kasparov could not have known that he played against a machine if the
"Deeper Blue" had been hidden. Alan Turing himself could not come up with
another definition of intelligence.


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