LS Re: News 20th Sept

Bodvar Skutvik (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 18:01:02 +0100

Dear all LilaSquad!
Robert Pirsig's visit and message to the forum was quite an event, a small
teardrop fell I admit. His has not been the easy ear-eye-catching,
crowd-gathering, catch-phrase philosophy, but something far deeper. The LS
may not be a sudden breakthrough, but it may be the start of a start of an
...initiation. This was just great! Forgotten are our small controversies.
Cheers for Diana who took the initiative to start the Squad. May she have
the time and energy to keep it going for a long time. I also agree with
Lars Marius: Pirsig's decision not to interfere was very wise, but I am
confident that our being conscious of his presence will inspire us greatly.


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