LS Chairs and other "social" implements

Bodvar Skutvik (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 09:10:07 +0100

Dear LS.
I think that the discussion over what category a chair or any other
material application belongs to is futile. A material object is INORGANIC
VALUE, that is all the MOQ says and is interested in. Was it Diana who
spoke about an artificial implant in a body? To the value hierarchy of the
MOQ it is of no concern: the original bone hip joint is as much inorganic
as the plastic or steel one. Life is a value pattern that USES inorganic
value (matter) relentlessly for its own purpose and couldn't care less what
kind of stuff it is. Matter - as such - does not cross any value borders,
be it hidden in the centre of the earth, part of a biological body or used
for making a chair for a public house or as ink for writing a great book.
This goes for ALL value levels. Life is of no value seen from Society (it
does not regard an organism 'as life' just 'as member'); it freely spends
life for its own protection. Just as the Intellect is blind to the social
values (The MOQ will help it grow up). The pending discussion smacks of
Aristotelian substance-form-function subdivisions and before you know it
you are back in Platonic idealist/materialist quagmire: the wellspring of
Subject/Object-ivism and nothing is gained.


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