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Wed, 17 Sep 1997 12:14:52 +0100


1. Voila! We have arrived at a common understanding. You admit that our
society is needed to develop our Intellect, and that a wolf society
produces a wolf mind (even if a human organism is involved). But trust
Magnus to have a new twist ready: The sneers and growls are "...what a wolf
would call intellect". Of course it is VALUABLE for a wolf to understand
it, but animals cannot express themselves via abstract concepts and
ideas!(tautology) That IS the Intellect's privilege! If you insist on
calling baring of fangs for "language" - even "intellect" who am I to stop
you, admittedly it is communication (the term "sign" can be mistaken for
human sign language that can be used for abstract purposes as much as the
written or spoken one), but the wolf's body language is all about
signalling BIOLOGICAL wants and needs and the position within a SOCIAL

2. What your 'ofullende' sentence: "It shows to me that wolves and boys are
able to develop static intellectual patterns of value built on....." is
supposed to mean I'm not sure, but if it is "..a society of brain cells" I
cry. Neural activity is a prerequisite for any organism, the more complex
the more complex its experience, it goes for amoebas as well as human
beings. I opened my argument long ago by saying that a frog's experience is
a frog's mind ...etc. And yet, dogs (wolves) have listened to human
language for aeons, but still don't have a clue what's going on - and
never will. However, its odour mind is beyond humans, we can't fathom the
richness of its smell universe, but the human mind of (abstract) language
is out of bounds for it.

3. Other primates show an ability to understand and express themselves by
signs in a more complicated form, but there is a border that is impossible
to cross for animals: The Intellect's abstract land is closed to them. Note
that "abstract" in the MOQ vocabulary is not opposite to "real" as in the
Subject/Object Metaphysics. It is for instance impossible to torture an
animal, but to a human being the "imagined" pain of the Intellect is twice
as painful as the biological one. (Imagination is another platypus in the

4. Was all this silly platitudes that confirm your views? :-) Please see my
"Mother of All Relativity" entry. The Metaphysics of Quality contains the
Subject/Object Metaphysics. It is possible to understand the latter from
the former, but not the other way round. The "transformation" procedure
still lacks, and even if mathematics is part of the Intellect's realm I am
a cripple there. Wouldn't it be a task for you or Doug to work on it
instead of the endless gnawing at what should have been understood from the
beginning? What about erecting yourself a monument by creating the 'famous
Berg/Renselle tranformations'? :-)


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