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Hugo Fjelsted Alroe (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 18:58:56 +0100

On the content of lila squad. In my view we cannot discuss the MoQ without
in some way applying it (and how one 'applies' an alternative metaphysics is
something we all have to learn). We can of course discuss internal
incoherence in the MoQ, and this is important to, Pirsig has not entirely
finished philosophy off ;-)

 But if we consider MoQ a potential alternative to the SOM dominating the
western culture and science, and not just an interesting intellectual toy,
we have to address how the metaphysical structures of understanding might be
probed. Pirsig has done enough in his books to make me want to walk his
path, but others might be less preadapted to MoQ or more sceptic. If we are
to make any difference for those who haven't paused to question SOM then we
have quite a job ahead. I see Pirsigs recent paper as yet another probing
analysis of metaphysics, and I might have a shot at a comment later (like
probably most who have grown up in our western culture, I find thinking
Pirsigs way very hard to do).

Anyway, speaking from my experiences (good and bad) on other email-lists, we
should be very wary of excluding any threads (or worse - persons) as long as
they are within the limits set for the list. On Peirce-l, which is the most
successfull list I know of in achieving a community-like feeling, the
criteria is simply that the mails should be of relevance to the philosophy
of Peirce. Not that Peirce should be mentioned in every mail, but one should
be able to show the relevance if asked by the list manager. And this is a
second important thing, I think, nobody but the list manager should confront
members of the list on the irrelevance, offensiveness, or the like of their
mails. If someone finds a mail offensive or a thread of mails irrelevant
they should address the list manager directly and not the sender. This is
such a difficult media to keep keen discussions friendly in - we all have to
contribute towards making this a place we like to be a part of. Adressing
the issues you yourself find interesting, reading those you care for and
deleting the rest could be a working strategy.
Which ever way we chose, it seems important to come to some agreement on this.


PS: if you are new and don't have a clue what I am talking of - MoQ is
Pirsigs Metaphysics of Quality and SOM is Subject-Object Metaphysics,
Pirsigs term for the present metaphysical ground.

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