LS Re: New Questions

Platt Holden (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 04:29:22 +0100

Magnus wrote:
> > > Nothing is inventing anything! The levels have always been around,
> > > dormant. They were not been able to manifest themselves though
> > > until the next lower level was advanced enough to support them.
Platt wrote:

> > Interesting. Does this mean that all possible levels have always
> > in some realm beyond space/time, or on some unknown level above the
> > intellect? Is this idea to be found somewhere in the MOQ?
Magnus wrote:

> That's what a metaphysical system is all about, to define categories
> and their properties so that every observation can be explained using
> those categories.
> And about the unknown level above the intellect. Even if it did exist,
> I wouldn't expect us to recognize it. No static level is aware of the
> level above.

Sorry, but I'm still confused. Are you saying that nothing becomes
manifest independent of the intellectual level? And isn't "Nothing is
inventing anything" self-contradictory? Thanks.

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