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>I think the problem lies in where you split the Social level from the
>Organic level.
>A cell is an organized group of atoms
>A body is an organized group of cells
>A community is an organized group of bodies
>(nb I'm avoiding using the words social and society because it may be a
>problem of terminology)
>I would have said that the cell is Organic value and the body is also
>Organic value albeit more complex than the cell. I feel that only the
>community is Social value.
>I'm not sure about this now. But I'm wondering if this is how everyone
>else has interpreted it.

I don't think it's any difference between what we usually
call a society, and a society of cells. This is how I split
social patterns from organic. Some statements about other
patterns creeped in too.

* Social patterns of value combines organic patterns of value
  into something more valuable than the sum of its parts.

* When combining organic patterns of value, the social patterns
  are interested in the function the organic patterns provide.
  Any organ can be replaced by another organ providing the
  same function.

* Inorganic patterns of value that can perform a function for
  a society are more valuable than other inorganic patterns.
  This discrete criteria marks the division between inorganic
  and organic patterns of value.

* A society can be recursively divided into smaller societies until
  the parts no longer can perform its function without the society.
  The larger society in each step uses the function - the organic
  property - of the organs within it. It does not care whether they
  in turn are societies or not.

* Within a society, the function of the organs are controlled
  using language. This language must be present before the function
  of the organ can be used, before the society is formed. So, in
  primitive societies, the language is primitive. The most primitive
  languages are what are usually called "forces of nature".

* Intellectual patterns of value uses the language provided by
  the society devoured by the intellect. The most primitive
  intellectual patterns of value would be the patterns exchanged
  - using the language provided - between two organs in a bi-organ

Now, bring out your hammers :-o


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