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Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:20:59 +0100

Welcome M.W. I'll take a stab at answering the questions you posted.

Who is inventing ascendent patterns today?

In the abstract, Dynamic Quality, whose primary value is freedom from
static patterns. Specifically, Robert Pirsig, whose MOQ tries to free
intellect from static subject-object patterns.

What layer of the MOQ does the Internet fit into?

The social level, speeding up the exchange of knowledge and ideas.
"Collective consciousness" is a misnomer. Only individuals have the
capacity to generate ideas.

How can a lower level invent the level above it?

Levels don't invent. DQ invents. DQ is the creative force, currently
using individual minds to free itself from static patterns.

Who is correct, Prisig with 4 categories or Doug with infinite

Both are correct. Pirsig's levels are at a higher level of abstraction
thus more useful to the intellect.

My answers are short because I value simple, direct expression. I'll be
glad to expand on them if you wish. As I've said before on this site,
please view the answers like paintings in a gallery. Take those you
and leave the rest.

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