LS Re: Language spawns intellectual value

Diana McPartlin (
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 06:14:15 +0100

Magnus Berg wrote:

> Here's the but!
> The language our individual intellects are built upon are the
> language provided by our social patterns of value called our
> bodies.
> It hit me when you wrote " the invention of language...",
> how can a language - and now I mean a conventional language used
> to communicate thoughts, needs or warnings - be invented without
> intellect?
> Please, feel free to reformulate the sentence to avoid this
> hen-and-egg-situation.

You're right the word "invent" was the wrong one to use. Our early
humans didn't invent language, they sensed the Dynamic Quality of it.
They just felt it was good. This, after all, is the essense of the
Quality theory.

So, the Dynamic Quality came first, then the language, then, much much
later, came the intellectual understanding of the need for language.


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