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Jason Gaedtke (
Wed, 3 Sep 1997 03:41:58 +0100

To all,
Thank you for your responses to my recent posts. Your comments were
well developed and your explanations deeply rooted in the heart of the
 THIS is the type of Quality exchange that I had originally hoped for in
this forum! The future holds great things...

Bodvar's analysis of my most recent quantum-level message was
exciting. I finally feel that we have come to a point in this
quantum-level discussion where we truly understand one another. I fully
agree with all that you (Bodvar) offered in this last piece. Further
debate concerning the inclusion/exclusion of a quantum level seems
unnecessary from my perspective. Any other views? (I do believe that
of this high-energy give-and-take has been quite useful, especially in
promoting an appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the patterns
value within the Inorganic level.)

I'm anxiously awaiting Bodvar's review of Zohar's work. After returning
your original comments, I'm starting to get the impression that our
interpretations of her work may be more similar that I had first
 You (Bodvar) mentioned reading "The Quantum Self." Have you had a
to explorer its follow-up, "The Quantum Society?" I see many parallels
Pirsig's philosophy here(an experience that is always exciting), and I
particularly enjoyed Zohar's application of her "Quantum" model at the
social level. I agree that Zohar never takes that final leap to leave
Subject/Object metaphysics entirely behind, but much of her philosophy
essentially arrives at MoQ conclusions just the same.

Finally, another "thanks" goes out to Magnus for following up on my
"Reason, Pragmatism, etc" response. This piece demonstrated your
understanding of the MoQ as well as a rare ability to apply this new
view at a workable level. I greatly enjoyed sharing your thoughts!

On to bigger and better things?

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