LS Re: Static level dependencies

Magnus Berg (
Sun, 31 Aug 1997 18:09:47 +0100

Hi again guys.
>Then Magnus says something that is a bit ambiguous to me:
>...."The static patterns we see around us, are built using lower levels of
>static patterns. Why? Because at the time they "appeared", there was
>nothing else around to build it upon. Or, rather, the lower patterns
>that formed was the first pattern that the higher level *could* use to
>build upon. Just because our world looks like it does in terms of
>what specific patterns of each level have formed, doesn't mean that
>it *has* to be that way."
>I agree fully to the first part, and also to the last if he by this means
>building block (element) the Dynamic forces used for introducing "life" on
>to matter (carbon) was a coincidence, but I uphold that the
>matter-life-society-intellect sequence is
>Thanks for the clarification Bodvar. When I'm writing,
>it's hard too see what others will see reading it.
> Magnus

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