LS Re: Analysis and synthesis

Diana McPartlin (
Mon, 1 Sep 1997 16:37:49 +0100

Dan McGrath wrote:

> This must seem a digression, I suppose, from the serious work now
> underway in this group of building tables and defining how many levels
> are required to properly represent the structure of quality in the
> universe.

Good grief no. This is fascinating. And it relates directly to something
I've be agonizing over ever since I read Lila. And since last year when
I moved from editing a business magazine to editing an art magazine it
has been on my mind considerably.

This may not have been the main point of your post but your comments on
synthesis - seeing the pattern of the whole - capture the artistic
process perfectly.

I wish you'd read Lila again though. Artistic expression fits nicely
into Romantic Quality, but then in Lila Pirsig barely deals with it. I'd
love to hear how you fit artistic (or musical) expression into the MoQ
because I can't figure it out.

(Bodvar's essay is a good refresher course on Lila. It's linked on the


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